2016 Sprint Season

Sunday, 27 November 2016

2016 Sprint Season

2016 was the season we all have been waiting for: the Olympic year. All the athletes, even those still trying to qualify, had Rio de Janeiro on their minds. Some had unresolved issues from London, some wanted to prove they were still in the game and, of course, there's always space for upcoming stars and last minute surprises. All was set for a thrilling season.

The first International stop was in Duisburg. An entire week of Sprint Canoeing that included the European Olympic Qualification, the Paracanoe World Championship followed by the first World Cup of the season. In the field, a lot of Jantex users shining high. Curtis McGrath, Edina Muller and Anne Dickins became Paracanoe World Champions. Silver Medalists in 2015, all three beat the reigning World Champions, putting themselves as top candidates for the Gold in the Paralympic Games. In the European Olympic Qualification, the swedish crew, Karin Johansson and Sofia Paldanius, claimed the only Olympic Ticket available for the K2 500 event with a finish full of suspense. Also Martina Kohlova (K1 500), Francisca Laia (K1 200) and Manfredi Rizza (K1 200) qualified. Rizza would become the biggest surprise of the World Cup I when a few days later he won the K1 200 in a field full of stars, positioning himself as a name to consider for the Brazilian Olympics. René Holten Poulsen, the reigning World Champion, started 2016 like he had finished 2015, winning the K1 1000. Lisa Carrington did the usual and won the K1 200.

Lisa would miss the second World Cup in Racice, but women's 200 had another big name calling for attention, Sarah Guyot, the 2015 European Champion, claimed the gold for her. Also in the 200, Liam Heath, that, with Jon Schofield, is part of one of the strongest K2 200 since 2010, beat the competition and showed that he wanted more that just repeat the Olympic Medal, he was on the front line, also, for the single race.

The last World Cup of the season didn't bring many surprises. In a competition where some of the big names were missing, Lisa carrington became the brightest star by winning the 200 and the 500 single events.

The Europeans, a few weeks later, were the last last International test for most of the European Olympians. But, if someone was in need for a statement it was Fernando Pimenta. And that was what happened. In a unusual race, leading from the very start, he finished more than three seconds ahead of the competition. In 200, Liam Heath was the fastest guy in Moscow.

But, of course, every result, every performance, every fail, every moment of joy or sadness, all the victories or medals, the drama, the ups and downs and tactics would be useless without the Olympic Glory.

For Jantex, the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics represented the consolidation of its position in Sprint Canoeing, with medals in almost every Kayak Event. Missing only K1 1000 and K4 500. There were, though, some complaints from a few of the main candidates of the K1 1000, claiming that the conditions were not fair because of the leaves in the water. Something that, definitly, should never happen, even less in such an important race. Controversies aside, some names immediately come to mind when you think about Rio Olympics. Lisa Carrington, unbeaten in K1 200 since 2011, became double Olympic Champion in this event and added a Bronze Medal to her curriculum in the 500. Liam Heath, a star since the 200 entered the Olympic program, Bronze Medalist in London, was now Silver Medalist in K2 and Olympic Champion in the single event. And Emma Jorgensen, one of the most successful Junior of all time, Emma showed nerves of steel and didn't miss the opportunity to grab the Silver Medal in the K1 500. For sure, a name to watch for the next seasons. A special mention to the Paralympians. 5 out of 6 Gold Medalists were Jantex users. Nine out of 18 Medals.

Here are the Jantex Medalists in Rio de Janeiro

Lisa Carrington – Gold Medalist K1 200 and Bronze K1 500

Liam Heath – Gold Medalist K1 200 and Silver K2 200 with Jon Schofield

Max Hoff – Gold Medalist in K4 1000

Emma Jorgensen – Silver Medalist K1 500

Marko Tomicevic – Silver Medalist K2 1000

Denis Mysak and Tibor Linka – Silver Medalists K4 1000

Karolina Naja – Bronze Medalist K2 500

Jeanette Chippington – Gold Medalist KL1 200

Edina Muller – Silver Medalist KL1 200

Kamila Kubas - Bronze Medalist KL1 200

Anne Dickins – Gold Medalist KL3 200

Jakub Tokarz – Gold Medalist KL1 200

Ian Marsden – Bronze Medalist KL1 200

Curtis McGrath – Gold Medalist KL2 200

Nick Beighton – Bronze Medalist KL2 200

Serhii Yemelianov – Gold Medalist KL3 200