ICF WC 1 in Montemor-O-Velho ( POR )

Friday, 26 May 2017





The first World Cup of the season was the first international test of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Cicle. Also, it was the first time for some events of the Olympic Program like C1 Women 200 metres and K4 Men 500 metres.


A very few attended World Cup was expected, but, still, some big names on the start lines: Lisa Carrington, Fernando Pimenta, Teresa Portela, Marta Walczykiewicz, Spela Ponomarenko, Maxime Beaumont, Sebastian Brendel, Martin Fuksa. A lot of expectation to wacth Lisa Carrington, double Olympic Champion in K1 200, racing the team boats and to see how some athletes were after the Olympics.


Surprisingly, the wind didn't blow hard for the finals and we had some good races and a couple of incredible times. Caitlin Ryan was the first to show that it's possible to be fast in Montemor, winning the 500 metres with an astonishing 1.47.484, one of the fastests times in sprint history and a warning to the future competition. Also, Fernando Pimenta finished the 1000 metres in front of everybody, with 3.26.833, his first international race after a frustrating Olympic performance, showing that the woundes are healed and that he is ready for future battles. Jost Zakrajsek was third.


The New Zealand Women Team Dominated with victories in the K2 Women 200 and 500 metres with Lisa Carrington and Aimee Fischer that, later, would join Caitlin Ryan and Kayla Imre to beat the competition in K4 500 metres. But no race beat the finish of the women's 200 metres. For the first time since 2011, the portuguese Teresa Portela won a World Cup, beating Spela Ponomarenko for just 14 hundreds of a second.


A solid win in the 5000 metres for Jenny Egan, with the silver going to Estefanía Fernandez.


Here is a list of the best Jantex paddlers results


Fernando Pimenta – Gold Medalist K1 1000, Silver K1 500 and 5000

Caitlin Ryan – Gold Medalist K1 500 and K4 500

Teresa Portela – Gold Medalist K1 200m

Jenny Egan – Gold Medalist K1 5000

Jost Zakrajsek – Bronze Medalist K1 1000

Lisa Carrington and Aimme Fischer – Gold Medalists K2 200, K2 500 and K4 500

Kayla Imre, Lisa Carrington, Aimee Fischer and Caitlin Ryan – Gold Medalists K4 500

Francisca Laia – Silver Medalist K2 200 and K2 500

Emanuel Silva, David Varela and David Fernandes – Silver Medalists K4 500

Estefanía Fernandez – Silver Medalist K1 5000

Miriam Vega – Bronze Medalist K1 1000

Ziggy Chmiel – Bronze Medalist K1 5000

Next stop Szeged WC2 week after