Saturday, 17 June 2017

World Cups II and III




After an hiatus of 3 years, Szeged, one of the most classic venues of Sprint Canoeing, was back for the second World Cup of 2017.


Probably the biggest surprise of the Competition was Elena Aniushina. The winner of the Final B K1 500 in Rio the Janeiro was now the winner of the Final A and also Silver Medalist in the K2 of the same distance. In Men's K1 1000, Fernando Pimenta was second, after a gold in Portugal, just in front of Roi Rodriguez, former U23 World Champion that, after a Silver medal in the 500, is quickly consolidating his position among the elite.


Proving that the team results of the previous week in Portugal were not just luck. New Zealand Women's Team seems to be reaching a place that is normally only available for Germany and Hungary. Lisa Carrington, not a surprise off course, won silver in K1 500 and gold in the K2, pairing with Caitlin Ryan. Also Aimee Fisher showed great individual skills achieving silver in K1 200. With Kayla Imre, New Zealand K4 was the fastest one in Szeged.


In Paracanoe, Edina Muller and Sergey Emelyanov won their cathegories.





New World Cup, new names. Volha Khudzenka, reminded everyone that she is one of the best padlers in the world by winning the K1 500. And, after a 4th position in Szeged, René Poulsen jumped to the second place of the podium in the 1000 Men's Single race. Place that was his also for the 500 and the 5k races. Almost the same for Roi Rodriguez, double Bronze, K1 1000 and 500, wich give him a total of 4 medals in 4 individual races. Not bad Roi.


The strongest female K4, now, was the french, but again, like in Szeged and in Portugal, with full Jantex crew: Sarah Guyot, Manon Hostens, Léa Jamelot and Sarah Troel.



Here's a list of the medalists using Jantex




Edina Muller – Gold Medalist KL1 200

Elena Aniushina – Gold Medalist K1 500, Silver Medalist K2 500

Sergey Emelyanov – Gold Medalist KL3 200

Lisa Carrington – Gold Medalist K2 and K4 500, Silver Medalist K1 500

Aimee Fisher – Gold Medalist K4 500, Silver Medalist K1 200

Caitlin Ryan – Gold Medalist K2 and K4 500

Kayla Imre – Gold Medalist K4 500

Fernando Pimenta – Silver Medalist K1 1000

Roi Rodriguez – Bronze Medalist K1 1000, Silver Medalist K1 500

Sarah Guyot – Bronze Medalist K1 200

Jakub Spicar – Bronze Medalist K2 1000 and K4 500

Anja Osterman – Bronze Medalist K2 500

Sara Ouzande – Bronze Medalist K4 500

Alicia Heredia – Bronze Medalist K4 500

Isabel Contreras – Bronze Medalist K4 500

Begoña Lazcano – Bronze Medalist K4 500

Alyssa Bull – Silver Medalist K1 1000





Volha Khudzenka – Gold Medalist K1 500

Alyssa Bull – Gold Medalist K1 5000

Francisca Laia – Gold Medalist K2 200

René Poulsen – Silver Medalist K1 1000, 500 and 5000

Roi Rodriguez – Bronze Medalist K1 1000 and 500

Max Hoff – Silver Medalist K2 1000

Anna Pulawska – Silver Medalist K2 and K4 500

Sara Guyot – Bronze Medalist K4 500

Manon Hostens – Bronze Medalist K4 500

Léa Jamelot – Bronze Medalist K4 500

Sarah Troel – Bronze Medalist K4 500

Etienne Hubert – Silver Medalist K4 500

Jakub Spicar – Bronze Medalist K4 500

Nikolina Moldovan – Bronze Medalist K4 500

Olivera Moldovan – Bronze Medalist K4 500

Karin Johansson – Bronze Medalist K1 1000

Jennifer Egan – Bronze Medalist K1 5000

Cyrille Carre – Bronze Medalist K1 5000



Roi Rodriguez (ESP)