2017 ICF Sprint World Championship in Racice

Sunday, 03 September 2017

There's, hardly, another way to start this report: Lisa Carrington won four medals in four races. Two golds (K1 200 and K2 500 with Caitlin Ryan) one silver (K1 500) and one bronze (K4 500 with Kayla Imrie, Aimee Fisher and Caitlin Ryan, a full Jantex crew). And for the seventh consecutive year, she won the 200 metres in the most important competiton of the season.

She was, indisputably, the shiniest star of the Racice's World Championship, but she was not the only one. The portuguese Fernando Pimenta returned home with two medals. Silver in K1 1000, in one of the most thrilling races of the last seasons, and Gold in K1 5000, beating Max Hoff, the silver medalist. Emma Jorgensen, the danish wonder, also got two medals, showing that the silver medal in the Olympics was not just luck. One Bronze in K1 500 and one silver in K1 200 for her. The Belarusian Volha Khudzenka put her country in the table of K1 World Champions in Olympic events. Impressive performance for the gold in K1 500. Also impressive, the promising Hungarian Bence Horváth, disputing the title in K1 200 until the last meters. He end up with the silver medal just like in the Europeans.

The list of Medalists using Jantex:

Lisa Carrington – Gold Medalist K1 and K2 500, Silver K1 500 and Bronze K4 500 Women

Fernando Pimenta – Gold Medalist K1 5000 and Silver K1 1000 Men

Volha Khudzenka – Gold Medalist K1 500 Women

Emma Jorgensen – Silver Medalist K1 200 and Bronze K1 500 Women

Bence Horváth – Silver Medalist K1 200 Men

Marko Tomicevic – Gold Medalist K2 1000 Men

Caitlin Ryan – Gold Medalist K2 and K4 500 Women

Jakub Spicar – Bronze Medalist K2 1000 and K4 500 Men

Anja Osterman – Bronze Medalist K2 500 Women

Aimee Fisher – Bronze Medalist K4 500 Women

Kayla Imrie – Bronze Medalist K4 500 Women

René Poulsen – Silver Medalist K1 500 Men

Max Hoff – Silver Medalist K1 5000 Men

Rachel Cawthorn – Bronze Medalist K1 1000 Women

Karin Johansson – Silver Medalist K1 1000 Women

Angela Hannah – Bronze Medalist K2 200 Women

Lani Belcher – Bronze Medalist K1 5000 Men


Great results for Jantex also in the Paracanoe races. Four World Champions: Curtis McGrath, Amanda Reynolds, Sergey Yemelianov and Jeanette Chippington. Silver for Mykola Syniuk, Nicola Paterson. Bronze for Katherine Wollerman and Jonathan Young.

The list of Paracanoe Medalists using Jantex:

Curtis McGrath – Gold Medalist KL2 Men

Amanda Reynolds – Gold Medalist KL3 Women

Sergey Yemelianov – Gold Medalist KL3 Men

Jeanette Chippington – Gold Medalist KL1 Women

Mykola Syniuk – Silver Medalist KL2 Men

Nicola Paterson – Silver Medalist KL2 Women

Katherine Wollerman – Bronze Medalist KL1 Women

Jonathan Young – Bronze Medalis KL3 Men


So far it has been the most prestigious event in terms of medal and final placements in World championships. Thank you for all that have helped us on this path for our success, the service team Jantex, the dealers and the racers who trusting in our TEAM JANTEX and helping us to improve our products.



Lisa Carrington & Caitlin Ryan (NZL)
Marko Tomičevič (SRB) 
Peter Gelle (SVK) (behind)
Amanda Reynolds (AUS)
Curtis McGrath (AUS)
Bencé Horváth (HUN)
Max Hoff (GER)
Fernando Pimenta (POR)
René Poulsen (DEN)
NZL K4 Women  (NZL)
Emma Jorgensen (DEN)
Lisa Carrington (NZL)
Volha Khudzenka (BLR)