2018 Jantex highlights

Thursday, 18 October 2018


2018 was not an ordinary season. First, started with only two World Cups, Szeged and Duisburg, instead of the usual three. Later, after the World Championship, ICF gathered some of the best sprinters and organised the Pre-Super Cup, 600 metres races, in Linyl China, and the Super Cup, 100 and 350 metres, in Barnaul, Russia. The biggest race of the season, still, was the World Championship in Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal.

Here are some of Jantex highlights.


Lisa Carrington

Year after year, Lisafinds a way to amaze us. During the World Cups, which is already a habit, the option was for the team boats and she won all the races whatever the partner or distance. She returned, however, to the K1 to claim the world title in K1 200 with a very powerfull performance, almost 2 seconds in front of the competition. Lisa is now six times World Champion and two times Olympic Champion in this event. To complete the World Championship, three Silver Medals: K1 500, K2 500 withCaitlin Ryanand K4 500 again with RyanAimee Fisherand Kayla Imre. Four medals in total just like last season, making it very exciting to wait for what she's preparing for Tokyo 2020.

Fernando Pimenta

The first portuguese to win a world title in an Olympic Single Event, Pimenta had the season he was expecting for many years. He is now the K1 1000 World and European Champion. In fact, in 2018, if we include the World Cup in Szeged, he won all the 1000 metres he raced. He also won the 5K in the World Cup and in the World Championship and the 600 metres in the Pre-Super Cup in China. It looks like he is also improving his skills in the 500: Silver in the World Cup I, in the Mediterranean Games and bronze in the Europeans of Belgrade, where he got the Silver in 5K.

Emma Jorgensen

It's not a surprise anymore, Emma is a world class sprinter. After and excellent 2017, 2018 was an interesting season, full of ups and downs. In one moment she was missing the 500 A Final, in the next she was winning the K1 200. This was almost the pattern during the year. Stilll, the list of medals is impressive: Gold in the World Cup I, Bronze in the Europeans and Silver in the Worlds. All K1 200.

Caitlin Ryan

Making her way, very consistently, to the top. It's hard not to look at her as a possible winner everytime she's in the start line. She won the K1 500 in Szeged with an astonishing time, 1:46.576, the fastest time ever recorded in a Women's K1 500 A Final. After that she cleared the World Cups with wins on team boats. Two, very close to gold, Silver Medals in K2 and K4 summarize the World Championship for her. She finished the season victorious though, and as fast as she had started it, with 2 wins in the Pre-Super Cup, K1 600, and the Super Cup, K1 350.

Evgenii Lukantsov

Very solid during the season. He won 2 times the 200 metres in the World Cups and later got Bronze in the World Championship. A sprinter to watch for the years to come.

Volha Khudzenko 

Another good example of someone who came to stay among the best. She missed the World Cups but returned in very good shape for the Europeans with two Silvers, K1 and K4 500. She was Bronze Medalist in the Worlds. Time also for two Silver Medals in the Pre-super Cup and the Super Cup.

Sarah Guyot

Very good start of the season for the french. In the World Cups she was Bronze three times: K1 200 twice and K1 500. A Silver in Duisburg in the K2 500 with Manon Hostenswas like a prediction of the Gold coming in the European Championship in Belgrade. They came 4thin the World Championship in a very close finish.

Anna Pulawska

Still U23, in 2018 she confirmed her potencial. A Silver in Duisburg in K1 500 was already anouncing the Bronze in the Europeans in the same event - she would be 4thin the Worlds. Also in the K4, with Karolina Naja, became Silver in Duisburg and Bronze in Montemor-o-velho.

Rói Rodriguez

Szeged, World Cup I, Final of Men's K1 500, 1:35.149: Gold Medal and World Record for Rói Rodriguez. He was also Bronze in K1 1000. A 4thplace in the Europeans and a 5thin the Worlds show that he is every year closer to a medal in the big competitions.

Marko Tomicevic

Started the season like a rocket, winning the World Cup I in K2 1000 and after, at home, the European Championship with a record time of 3:04.940, the fastest K2 1000 ever. Finished the season with a Bronze Medal in the World Championship in Portugal.


Sergey Emelyanov

It's already hard to remember a KL3 Men's race where Sergey was not the winner: Gold in the World Cup, European Champion and World Champion. A true star of Paracanoe.

Curtis McGrath

The same can be said of Curtis McGrath in KL2. The 2016 Paralympic Champion doesn't leave a lot of space for the competition. Again, he won the World Cup and renewed the World Champion title.

Under 23 and Junior

Martin Nathel

A new Swedish star arising. U23 Gold in K1 1000 after a Bronze last season. It looks like he is now ready to paddle among the big names.

Aimee Fisher

Another New Zealand team star, Aimee had a 2018 mainly in team boats. Golds in the World Cups in K2 and K4. Silver two times in Portugal in K4 500 and K2 200, here with Kayla Imre. Some weeks before, she have had a bittersweet U23 World Championship. After a very disappointing 200 final she returned next day like nothing happened and got the Silver in K1 500.

Bartosz Grabowski

He is still a Junior, but his hands don't shake when the pressure rises. European and World Champion in K1 200 beating Matus Jedinakin both races. A duo to watch for the future.

Emma Russel

Four international races, four international medals: Silver in the Sprint and Marathon Europeans, Bronze in the Sprint and Marathon Worlds. Great Britain is working for the future.


Zsófi Czéllai-Voros

A talent of the new Hungarian generation of marathon, Zsófi had a great 2018. K1 U23 European Champion, and Senior Silver Medalist, K1 U23 and K2 Senior World Champion.

Thorbjorn Rask

Protagonist of one of the most exciting 2018 moments. Who can forget the final sprint of the Junior K2 in which Raskand Nicholai Thomsenbeat the South African crew. But there's more, he was also World Champion in K1 and Silver Medalist in the European, here switching places with Ronan Foley that after the Gold in the Europeans got Silver in the Worlds.

Wildwater World Championship in Muota
Another great year for Jantex in Wildwater

Classic Race

In K1 men new World Champion  and first title for Simon Oven, Paul Graton - Bronze Medalist. By women Manon Hostens - Silver Medalist, Melanie Mathys - Bronze Medalist

Sprint Race

In K1 men Nejc Znidarcic World Champion, Anze Urankar Bronze medalist. By women Manon Hostens  World Champion. In C1 men new World Champion  and first tite for Blaz Cof.



Anna Pulawska (POL)
Bartosz Grabowski (POL)
Aimee Fisher (NZL)
Curtis McGrath (AUS)
Emma Jorgensen (DEN)
Emma Russel (GBR)
Evgeni Lukantsov (RUS)
Fernando Pimenta (POR)
Word Champion K1 1000m, 5000m
European Champion K1 1000m
Lisa  & Caitlin (NZL)
Marko Tomicevic (SRB)
Martin Nathell (SWE)
Roi Rodriguez (ESP)
Volha Khudzenka (BLR)
Sergey Emelyanov (UKR)
Sarah Guyot (FRA)