The most demanded down river & surf ski blade. Good catch, excelent pull-through phase and beautiful exit. Excelent in moving water, very good for flat water racing sprint and long distance.

GAMMA blade backGAMMA blade frontGAMMA blade profile

Blade tip

kayak blade tip types

Blade construction

Ultra light blade

Ultra light – most asked stiffness for Flat Water, Marathon and Down river. Give fantastic weight and ideal stiffness for Professional race use. Used by all top paddlers. Blade JANTEX LOGO in WHITE COLOUR.

Stiff blade

Stiff – ONLY for heaviest and strongest Men. Give possibility to use also by loading in any directions. For paddlers who prefer stiff paddles. Blade JANTEX LOGO in YELLOW COLOUR.

SIZES L (mm) W (mm) WEIGHT (g) SURFACE (cm2) TIP USE
Large Plus 515 180 270 840 Carbon & FG ONLY FOR STRONGEST AND HEAVIEST KAYAK MEN
Large 510 178 265 820 Carbon & FG MOST USED MEN SIZE
Large Minus 505 176 260 800 Carbon & FG U23 MEN SPRINT
Medium Plus 500 166 245 780 Carbon, Metal & FG MARATHON MEN, U18 SPRINT, DOWN RIVER STRONGEST MEN
Medium 490 164 235 740 Carbon, Metal & FG MOST USED WOMEN SPRINT, DOWN RIVER MEN, SURF SKI MEN, U16 SPRINT
Small 480 158 225 700 Carbon, Metal & FG U16 WOMEN SPRINT, WOMEN DOWN RIVER

Recommanded shaft stiffness: FLEXI SOFT, SOFT, STIFF, EXTRA STIFF