Sunday, 20 October 2019

World Cup I and Paracanoe European Championship – Poznan 2019

As usual, in May, Sprint National Teams meet to test the engines with their minds on the World Championship, this season with a little twist: they will not only fight for the world titles, but also for the Olympic tickets. But that's only in August, for now, let's go back to the World Cup I that, after some time, made the Sprint Elite return to the memorable Regatta Course of Poznan.

Poznan was windy, but that's not news and it didn't intimidate some of the best paddlers of the current days. Lisa Carringtondid her job flawlessly and left polish waters unbeaten. She won the K1 500 (Volha Khudzenkawas second and Gold in the K2 500), the 200 (followed by Emma Jorgensen) and the K4 500, teaming with the usuals Kayla ImrieAimee Fisherand Caitlin Ryan.

Almost the same did Fernando Pimenta, beatingthe competition in K1 1000 and 500 – due to problems with the rudder he wouldn't finish the 5K. Interesting fact: by winning the K1 1000 race in Poznan Pimenta completed a full year without losing a single K1 1000 Final. Here is the list: 2018 World Cup I in Szeged, 2018 European Championship in Belgrade, 2018 World Championship in Montemor-o-Velho, 2019 World Cup I in Poznan. Outstanding.

The World Cup I also gave us the debut of a new Event: K2 500 with mixed women and men crews. Living an undenieable good moment, Manon Hostensclaimed the gold for France. That, after the Silver in K4 500 (with Sarah Troel,Sarah Guyotand Lea Jamelot),leaves a very good feeling for what's left of the season for the French Team.

At the same time, Poznan was the stage of the Paracanoe World Cup. Not many surprises there: Ukranian duo of recent European Champions stood up:Serhii Yemelianovwon the KL3 (Robert Oliver second) andMaryna Mazhulathe KL1 200, being Silver Eleonora de Paolisand BronzeKatherine Wollerman. In KL2, Scott Martlewleft a serious warning to the, not present, reigning World Champion, Curtis McGrath, by finishing in front of Federico Mancarella. Great races to be expected in Szeged. Also Medalists, Amanda Reynolds, Bronze in KL3, and Jakub Tokarzin KL1.

A few days earlier, the Paracanoe European Championship also took place. Renewed the title Serhii Yemelianov.And, after some very good results in the previous years, Maryna Mazhula, KL1,Mykola Syniuk, KL2, andKatarzyna Sobczak, KL3, became, also, European Champions.

Here is the list of Jantex Medalists

Paracanoe European Championship – Poznan

Serhii Yemelianov – Gold KL3

Maryna Mazhula – Gold KL1

Katarzyna Sobczak – Gold KL3

Mykola Syniuk – Gold KL2

Eleonora de Paolis – Silver KL1

Jeanette Chippington – Bronze KL1

Robert Oliver – Bronze KL3

Federico Mancarella – KL2

Ian Marsden – KL1


World Cup I – Poznan


Lisa Carrington – Gold K1 500, 200 and K4 500

Fernando Pimenta – Gold K1 1000 and 500

Volha Khudzenka – Gold K2 500 and Silver K1 500

Kayla Imrie – Gold K4 500

Aimee Fisher – Gold K4 500

Caitlin Ryan – Gold K4 500

Alyssa Bull – Gold K1 1000

Manon Hostens – Gold K2 Mix, Silver K4 500

Sarah Troel – Silver K4 500

Sarah Guyot – Silver K4 500

Léa Jamelot – Silver K4 500

Emma Jorgensen – Silver K1 200 and K2 Mix

René Holten Poulsen – Silver K2 Mix, Bronze K2 1000

Karolina Naja – Bronze K4 500

Anna Pulawska – Bronze K4 500

Dominika Wlodarczyk – Silver K2 200

Nils Boe – Bronze K2 1000

Jenny Egan – Silver K1 5K

Messias Baptista – Bronze K2 and K4 500

Mariia Kichasova-Skoryk – Bronze K2 Mix


Serhii Yemelianov – Gold KL3

Scott Martlew – Gold KL2

Maryna Mazhula – Gold KL1

Federico Mancarella – Silver KL2

Robert Oliver – Silver KL3

Eleonora de Paolis – Silver KL1

Jakub Tokarz – Bronze KL1

Amanda Reynolds – Bronze KL3

Katherine Wollermann – Bronze KL1


Thank you all very much for your trust.

Next Stop: World Cup II in Duisburg