Sunday, 20 October 2019

Sprint World Championship – Szeged 2019

World Championship in Szeged means colourfull stands, drums, hungarian horns, tall green, red and white fan hats, noise, a lot of noise, party athmosphere and also pilgrims from all over the World metting at the Cathedral of Canoeing. Besides the locals, very noisy fans as always, also a Spanih group of supporters stood up. Like last season they gather some people, put some words together with well known music and spent some days cheering for their heroes. Szeged was what it should be, the celebration of the sport we all love. Last time was in 2011, qualification for the Olympic Games of London 2012, and the fans were already missing it. This time with an extra day of competition. Everything was almost perfect for the fans, not so much for the ICF Partners, like us, in the Service Area where the space was very short for all the working tents and exposition.

Like it's happening in recent years, Jantex consolidated its position in the Sprint World. Multiple Medals in many team Events and, also, almost half of the athletes in Kayak Single Finals. In total, 16 out of 36 finalists in K1 were using Jantex: Lisa Carrington, Emma Jorgensen, Mariia Kichasova-Skoryk, Teresa Portela, Inna Klinova(5) in K1 Women 200; Lisa Carrington, Volha Khudzenka, Emma Jorgensen and Manon Hostens(4) in K1 Women 500; Fernando Pimenta, Peter Gelle, Etienne Hubert, Roi Rodriguez, Agustin Vernice(5) in K1 Men 1000; and Mafredi Rizza and Evgenii Lukatsov(2) in K1 Men 200.

The highlitght goes, naturally, to Lisa Carrington's achievements. It's never to much to say that she doesn't miss a gold in K1 200 in the most important competion of the season since 2011, when she won her first World Championship, precisely in Szeged. And she is unbeaten in 200 meters since the Olympic games of 2012. There is already, for sure, a special place for her in the History of Canoeing, even if she is still very much the present. Her overall performance was astonishing. After all, she is, now, the reigning World Champion of the K1 500 – leaving in second and third, the champions of 2017 and 2018 – and the K1 200, where she left the competition at almost 2 seconds for the second year. 

Some others left, as well, a strong impression in Szeged. One of them wasVolha Khudzenka.She got 4 medals for her own: an always striking Silver Medal in the K1 500; 2 Golds in K2 500 and 200; and a Silver Medal in K4 500. Also,Emma Jorgensen, that year after year manages to put the nose of the boat in the Medal Position. If the Officials need to use the Photo Finish and Emma is in the middle of it, you must be sure that she will have it her way. She knows how to do it like no other. This time, she was third in the K1 200, bringing home another Bronze Medal. Also, Bronze Medalist wasFernando Pimentain K1 1000 and K1 5k. This was the fourth Medal for the portuguese in World Championships 1000 meters Men's Single Event since 2015, leaving him in a very good position to fight for the highest place of the podium in Tokyo 2020.

In team boats also place for some highlights: Karolina Najaand Anna Pulawskakept their score and returned home with 2 medals, Silver in K2 500 and Bronze in K4 500. Not so much a surprise after the World Cups, the French duo Cyrrille Carréand Etienne Hubertdidn't disapoint and left Szeged with a very tasty and promising Bronze Medal in K2 1000.

Paracanoe gave us some exciting races, as well. Not only because the competition is getting harder every year, but also because some of the contenders have won so many times now, that they are already like paddling targets. One of them is Curtis McGrath. World Champion since 2016 and also Paralympic Champion. In the World Cup I, that he missed, Scott Martlew was the winner and Federico Macarella, second, positioning themselves in the frontline for the Gold in KL2. In fact, in Szeged, with a powerfull start, Federico Mancarellahad almost one boat lenght over Curtis, but he couldn't resist the way McGrath attacked the last meters. The Italian ended up with the Silver Medal and Scott Martlewwith the Bronze. The other paddling target is Serhii Yemelianov. World Champion since 2017, Paralympic Champion in 2016, he has been dominating the KL3 cathegory in recent year and in Hungary was no exception. Excelent races also for Maryna Mazhulathat retained the World Champion title in KL1. Katherine Wollermanwas third in the same Event. The surprise of the Paracanoe Competition would be the Hungarian Peter Kiss,that striked the field with an impressive speed, showing that there's new blood rushing into the KL1 Men's class. A very special word forLaura Sugar that misssed the Gold in KL3 for only 0,03 of a second in her debut in Canoeing Championships. It was Silver for her, but she left a lot of promisses in the air for the next challenges.

With Paralympic qualification at stake for the first time many turned to the V1 Competition. One of them was the portuguese Norberto Mourão, and it was the right decision, quickly he became one of the best in the World as the Europeans, with the Bronze, and a 4thplace in the World Cup, previouly shown. In Szeged he got the Silver Medal in VL2. Also in VL2, the Russsian Mariia Nikiforovawas third.

Congratulations to those who got the Olympic Qualification. We wish the best of luck for those who will try to get it next season.

Here is the list of Jantex Medalist:

Lisa Carrington – World Champion K1 500 and 200

Volha Khudzenka – World Champion K2 200 and 500, , Silver K1 500 and K4 500

Fernando Pimenta – Bronze K1 1000 and K1 5K

Emma Jorgensen – Bronze K1 200

Karolina Naja - Silver K2 500, Bronze K4 500

Anna Pulawska – Silver K2 500, Bronze K4 500

Cyrrille Carré – Bronze K2 1000

Etienne Hubert – Bronze K2 1000

Samuel Balaz – Bronze K4 500

Bartosz Grabowski – Silver K2 200

Denis Mysak – Bronze K4 1000

Karina Alanis – Bronze K2 1000

Maricela Montemayor – Bronze K2 1000

Curtis McGrath – World Champion KL2 200

Serhii Yemelianov – World Champion KL3 200

Maryna Mazhula – World Champion KL1 200

Peter Pal Kiss – World Champion KL1 200

Federico Mancarella – Silver KL2 200

Laura Sugar – Silver KL3 200

Norberto Mourão – Silver VL2 200

Scott Martlew – Bronze KL3 200

Katherine Wollermann – Bronze KL1 200

Mariia Nikiforova – Bronze VL2 200

Mykola Fedorenko – World Champion VL1 200

Thank you all for your trust.


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