SENIOR European Championship – Poznan 2021

Thursday, 10 June 2021

European Championship – Poznan 2021

This Europeans were supposed to be held in Duisburg, and they were almost cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic. Luckily, the ECA managed to find a solution and European Sprint teams moved for the week to Poznan. Some came just to race, some came to prove they're better than ehat they showed during the World Cup, some had the Olympics in mind.

What better way to prepare the Olympics than with two Golds in single races: that's Emma Jorgensen. The danish star left Szeged with some bitterness after the K1 500 Final and in Poznan she had a magical competition. Not only she touched the gold in the K1 200 but also in the K1 500. Even more: less than one hour after, she joined Julie FunchSara Milthers and Bolette Iversen for a Bronze in the the K4 500. Emma will not forget this competition so soon. Two Golds and one bronze. A very strong perfomance, also, of the Polish duo Karolina Naja and Anna Pulawska with a Silver in the K2 500 just ahead of Volha Khudzenka, that paired this Bronze with a Silver in the K4 500.

Fernando Pimenta already got us used to leave competitions with more than one medal and Poznan was not different: Silver in the K1 1000 and a very troubled Bronze in the 5K as no one knew for sure if that was a sprint for the finish or a sprint for the turn. Apparently, the judges messed up the number of laps and forgot to ring the bell in the last lap, misleading the athletes that stood there looking to each others. In the end, Pimenta got the Bronze even if he beat the competition in an extra lap that didn't count. In the K1 1000, a special word for the Bronze of Artuur Peters, that stretched the good shape that granted him the Olympic ticket in Szeged. As usual, medals for Samuel Balaz: two Silvers, in K2 1000 and in K4 500 with Denis Mysak.

A rain of Golds in Paracanoe: Serhii YemelianovMarhyna MazhulaMykola Syniuk and Peter Kiss, all defended their European titles successfully; Norberto Mourão got it for the first time.

More results:

In the end of June we return to Poznan for the Junior and U23 European Championship.

Here is the list of the medalists using Jantex:


Emma Jorgensen – Gold K1 200 and K1 500, Bronze K4 500

Fernando Pimenta – Silver K1 1000, Bronze K1 5K

Artuur Peters – Bronze K1 1000

Samuel Balaz – Silver K4 500 and K2 1000

Karolina Naja – Silver K2 500

Anna Pulawska – Silver K2 500

Volha Khudzenka – Bronze K2 500 and Silver K4 500

Vitaly Ershov – Bronze K4 500 and K4 1000

Denis Mysak – Silver K4 500

Sara Milthers – Bronze K4 500

Julie Funch – Bronze K4 500

Bolette Iversen – Bronze K4 500

Dmytro Danylenko – Silver K2 500

Manfredi Rizza – Gold K2 200

Pavel Miadzedzeu – Gold K4 1000

Kiryl Nikitsin – Gold K4 1000

Anamaria Govorcinovic – Silver K1 1000

Jakub Zabrel – Bronze K1 500

Laia Pelachs – Silver K2 1000

Begoña Laskano – Silver K2 1000

Volha Klimava – Silver C1 5K


Serhii Yemelianov – Gold KL3 200

Mykola Syniuk – Gold KL2 200

Maryna Mazhula – Gold KL1 200

Norberto Mourão – Gold VL2 200

Eleonora de Paolis – Silver KL1 200

Nelia Barbosa – Silver KL3 200

Federico Macarella – Bronze KL2 200

Katarzyna Kozikowska – Bronze KL3 200

Nataliia Lahutenko – Bronze KL2 200