Monday, 06 June 2022


And just like that, Sprint Canoe returned for two weeks of competition, first in Racice and after in Poznan. It was the perfect opportunity to watch how the new generation is finding their place or just for the teams to try new combinations aiming Paris 2024.

Racice was the first competition since 2020 without mandatory tests and use of mask, something that opens good perspectives to the future – even if that meant having some people missing their start due to symptoms or positives inside the team. At the same time, there's a war going on in Ukraine, not far from the host countries of the world cups.

Indeed, there was a lot of new blood and plenty of new crew combinations, but there's no doubt that, in the end, there were two very familiar names those who shone the most: Lisa Carrington and Fernando Pimenta.

Let's start with the portuguese. During the world cups he raced seven events and won six of them. K1 1000, K2 1000 in Racice, he was beaten only by the rising danish star Thorbjorn Rask in the 5K. And an historic four Gold medals in Poznan: K1 1000, K1 500, K2 Mix 500 with Teresa Portela, and K1 5K, even after losing his paddles in the portage. In Portugal, they call it sede de vencer, and there's no doubt Pimenta is always thirsty and never gets tired of racing. Fans will remember his shirtless interview in between races in Poznan while Teresa waited for him in position.

The same thirst, but a different approach by Lisa Carrington: only olympic events on her schedule. She is flawless in the K1: Gold in Racice – Teresa Portela bronze – and Gold in Poznan, followed by Anna Pulawska and Jule Hake, new german star in the making, a full Jantex podium. At the same time, she is trying to build a new team around her: the K2 with Alicia Hoskins had an auspicious start with a Bronze in Racice, the first internacional medal of Alicia, but in Poznan it was the K4, with Olivia Brett and Tara Vaughan, that got the medal, a very tastefull silver. Very promising crews that make us wonder if they can reach the same level of success New Zealand crews had in recent years.

There's something special about the Ukranian Men's K4. The 2021 world champions are here to stay and they have now even more motivation to represent their flag. A silver medal in Racice and the gold in Poznan proves that they mean business. Dmytro Danylenko and Ivan Semykin are our representants inside the K4 and we hope we can help them achieve their goals.

The other featured team is Karolina Naja and Anna Pulawska. Gold in Racice in the K2 500 and K4 500, Gold again in the K4 500 in Poznan. They are on their way to one more successfull olympic cycle.

In Poznan, also Paracanoe started their journey to Paris 2024. Very solid wins of Mykola Syniuk in the KL2 – followed by the italian Christian Volpi, the first internacional medal for him –, Juan Antonio Valle  in KL3 – Dylan littlehales second –, Nelia Barbosa in KL3 and Vladyslav Yepifanov in VL3.

Here is the list of Jantex Medalist:


Fernando Pimenta – Gold K1 and K2 1000, Silver K1 5K

Lisa Carrington – Gold K1 500, Bronze K2 500

Karolina Naja – Gold K2 and K4 500

Anna Pulawska - Gold K2 and K4 500

Thorbjorn Rask – Gold K1 5K

João Duarte – Gold K2 1000

Begoña Laskano – Gold K1 5K

Carlo Tachini – Gold K1 5K

Dmytro Danylenko – Silver K4 500

Ivan Semykin – Silver K4 500

Jule Hake – Silver K2 500

Laia Pelachs – Silver K4 500

Magnus Sibbersen – Silver K1 500

Gustav Bock – Silver K2 1000

Susana Cicali – Silver K1 500

Teresa Portela – Bronze K1 500

Alicia Hoskins – Bronze K2 500

Messias Baptista – Bronze K2 500

Jost Zakrasjsek – Bronze K1 500

Miriam Vega – Bronze K1 5K

Maria Olarasu – Bronze C2 200

Martin Nathel – Bronze K2 Mix

Poznan Paracanoe

Nelia Barbosa – Gold KL3

Mykola Syniuk – Gold KL2 

Juan António Valle – Gold KL3

Vladylav Yepifanov – Gold VL3

Maryna Mazhula – Silver KL1 200

Dylan Littlehales – Silver KL3

Christian Volpi – Silver KL2 

Peter Kiss – Bronze KL1

Poznan Sprint

Fernando Pimenta – Gold K1 1000, K1 500, K1 5K and K2 Mix

Lisa Carrington – Gold K1 500, Silver K4 500

Anna Pulawska – Gold K4 500, Silver K1 500

Karolina Naja – Gold K4 500

Dmytro Danylenko – Gold K4 500

Ivan Semykin – Gold K4 500

Messias Baptista – Gold K2 500

Jule Hake – Gold K2 500, Bronze K1 500

Teresa Portela – Gold K2 Mix

Sophia Jensen – Gold C4 500

Alicia Hoskins – Silver K4 500

Olivia Brett – Silver K4 500

Jost Zakrajsek – Silver K1 5K

Francisca Laia – Silver K1 200

Marthin Nathel – Silver K2 Mix

Anastasiya Horlova – Silver K2 200

Liudmyla Kuklinovska – Silver K2 200

Artuur Peters – Bronze K1 1000

Jennifer Egan-Simmons – Bronze K1 5K


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