The idea of Jantex started in 1995 in a 4m2 room where the founder, Ján Rusnak, began experiencing with materials and shapes to feed his needs as a paddler and two years later (1997) he formally started Jantex as a company. In the first year, as a one man company, he made 30 paddles.

It's was not long until the company started growing and in need for more people. Soon, top athletes started using the ultra light, high quality paddles that Ján and his team were making. Here is a brief history of Jantex's international record:

  • 2000: 1st Olympic medal, one paddler in the OG, 1000 paddles produced per year;

  • 2004: 1st Olympic Gold medal, 4 Olympic medals dler the OG, 2000 paddles produced per year;

  • 2008: 2 Olympic medals, 20 paddlers in the OG, 3000 paddles produced per year;

  • 2012: 8 athletes with Olympic medal; first time as OG official supplier

  • 2016: 11 athletes with Olympic medal, 9 Paralympic medals;

  • 2021: 15 athletes with Olympic medal, 14 Paralympic medals; stabilized production at 4000 paddles per year.

Nowadays, Jantex paddles are a symbol of lightness and durability. Over the years we implemented a system of strict rules that allows us to guarantee that our paddles are up to the high standards and needs of the best and most demanding paddlers in the world.

Despite being a very common brand on the rivers and seas across the world, we are still a family company that takes very seriously the quality the market demands and expects from us. We listen very carefully what the athletes have to tell us. That's why we are always looking for ways to improve our products and we have a team going to the main international competitions.

Jantex is an ICF partner for more than a decade and, proudly, Olympic Games Supplier since 2012.

Ján Rusnak

Born in 1966, Slovak, Mechanical Engineer, Married, 3 children. Started paddling at the age of 10 in slalom and downriver. He was multiple times K1, C2 slalom and Downriver Slovakian champion and a member of the Slovak Wildwater National Team between 1993 and 2003.

Founded Jantex in 1997.

He is, now, a paddle specialist with more than 30 years of experience and his know-how is the main source of Jantex's success.

Jantex Curiosities

  • Jantex blades are made of 100% carbon fibres and hight quality epoxy resin;

  • 99% of Jantex paddlers use Ultra Light construction;

  • Gamma is an original Jantex design that revolutionized the way people faced paddles and is now a shape present in most of the main brands catalog;

  • Jantex provides different combinations of blade/shaft/tip that makes it the ideal choice for Sprint, Marathon, Downriver, Ocean Racing, Outrigger and SUP.

  • Each of our models has multiple sizes so you can have the same experience either if you're a child or a master, a professional athlete or a touring paddler.