Jantex warrants your paddle, when properly used, for a period of 24 months .
To benefit from the Warranty you must buy your paddle from an authorized dealer (check distributor list on our website) or directly from us.
Any detected manufacturing defect or malfunction should be reported within 48h of the purchase (or reception of the paddle in case of delivery).
Warranty will be voided if:
The paddle is not assembled by an authorized dealer or by us;
Jantex blades are assembled with a non-Jantex shaft;
Any part of the paddle was repaired.
Warranty does not include:
Blades used in rocky rivers;
Clamp systems or any other parts that are not Jantex;
Sun damages;
Collision damages;
Salt oxidation.
Minor incorrections or bubbles do not entitle you to deductions or returns.
In order to make a claim under these clauses you must do the following:
Report the defect to Jantex (or Jantex Dealer) within thirty days of discovering it. The report must identify the Serial Number, date of purchase and photos;
Make the paddle available for inspection if requested;
Make the paddle available, when required, to be repaired by Jantex or authorized personel.
Jantex shall perform its obligations under the terms of this warranty and remains its decision to either repair or replace defective paddles or parts. Any repair or new parts do not extend the warranty period.
Local dealers may have different warranty rules.