Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know what's the best paddle for me?

In our website we provide information about the models as well as recommendations about the sizes for different canoeing strands. Most of our dealers can also help you on your choice.

How can I find my dealer?

Check the Jantex distributors on our website.

If there's not a dealer in my country, how can I buy a Jantex paddle?

You can order by e-mail jantex@jantex.sk or find us in our international tour on ICF or ECA major events.

Where can I test a Jantex paddle?

You should ask your dealer if he has some demo paddles. Also, we provide test paddles in our international tour.

Can I disassemble my paddle for travelling?

Yes, you just need to heat the glue. But it's a job that requires technical skills and attention to not damage the structure of the resin epoxy. Be sure you mark the position of the blades so you have the same angle when you assemble the paddle back.

For further information, watch our Tutorials on Youtube

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