Jantex Paddles have a very good reputation of lasting long, but that doesn't mean that they can be handle without care. Take note of the following maintenance advices to have an even better experience with our paddles.

  • Make sure your paddle is properly assembled. Ask your dealer or watch our Tutorial for some tips if you have to assemble it yourself (link for Episode 5 – Assembling Tutorial). Remember: a proper assembling will prevent water infiltration and assure the correct angle.

  • Store your paddle disassembled if you're not using it for two or more weeks, that will help to extend the clamp system's life;

  • Clean the blades and the clamp system regularly, specially if you paddle on dirty or salty water;

  • Dry the blades with a cloth before you put it in the cover to avoid limestone or dirt buildup;

  • To prevent premature aging, avoid leaving the paddle exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

For further information, watch our Tutorials on Youtube

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