Posted at 28.07.2023

Marathon Europeans are known for their unusual venues and many times in countries without any tradition in marathon. Croatia alrady hosted an European in 2018 but in a different venue, Metkovic. This time, Slavonski Brod was the choosen location.

As expected, Mads Pedersen was one of the stars of the event, winning the long distance race almost one minute ahead Ivan Alonso, replicating the results of 2022 in Denmark. Mads had got the Bronze Medal in the short race a couple of days before.

Very solid results also for Zsofia Voros, Silver in the long distance, and Kristina Bedec, Silver in the short.

Philip Knudsen's Gold in the U23 race was not a surprise, he has been consolidating his position in the marathon world for some years now. The surprise was Katerina Milova's Gold in the women's U23. She would be 4th in the senior race, making her an emerging talent.

Here is the list of Jantex medalists

Mads Pedersen – Gold K1 Men and Bronze K1 short race

Katerina Milova – Gold K1 Women U23

Philip Knudsen – Gold K1 Men U23

Zsofia Voros – Silver K1 Women 

Ivan Alonso – Silver K1 Men 

Kristina Bedec – Silver K1 Women short race

Alfredo Faria – Silver K2 Men

Csilla Rugasi – Silver K2 Women

João Sousa – Silver K1 Men Junior 

Harry Freeland – Silver K1 Men Junior short race

Arturo Aguilar – Silver K2 Men Junior

Pernille Hostrup – Bronze K1 Women U23

Joaquin Iglesias – Bronze K1 Men U23

João Bento – Bronze K1 Men Junior short race

Ana Gorinsky – Bronze C1 Women U23

Fernando Busto - Bronze C2 Men

Diego Miguens – Bronze C2 Men

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Next Stop – Junior and U23 Sprint European Championship and Paracanoe European Championship.