Posted at 13.09.2022

Munich was a secret for most us, but now we know that the venue of the 1972 Olympics is a surprisingly good regatta course: good location, clear water – not evwerytime you get to paddle, see the bottom and fish wandering around – and a big amount of space for the public and for the athletes. Having the European Championship included in a multi-sport event was a bonus for everybody involved.

Not a surprise was the performance of Anna Pulawska. She was already coming from Canada with a clean record of golds, but in Munich she steped up her game. Dominante gold in the K1 500 (Emma Jorgensen Bronze and Gold in the K1 200), K2 (Jule Hake Bronze) and K4 with Karolina Naja, a team that is here to stay and can face the Paris 2024 cycle with great optimism.

Who also left Munich with three medals was Fernando Pimenta. He didn't find the Gold he was looking for in Canada but got it in Munich in the 5K followed by the spanish master Walter Bouzan of 44 years of age. Pimenta would also win a Bronze medal in the K1 500 and a Silver in the main event K1 1000 in front of Artuur Peters with a bronze to finish the season in style.

Back to the good results is Carlos Tachini. Three Bronze medals in C1 1000, 500 and 5K to sweeten even more the season of his return to the top.

A rain of golds in the Paracanoe Events: Tamas Juhász, Laura Sugar, Juan Valle, Federico Mancarella and Peter Kiss.

Here are the complete list of medalists:


Laura Sugar – Gold KL3 200 

Peter Kiss – Gold KL1 200

Federico Mancarella – Gold KL2 200

Juan Valle – Gold KL3 200

Tamas Juhász – Gold VL2 200

Mykola Syniuk – Silver KL2 200

Nelia Barbosa – Silver VL3 200

Eleonora de Paolis – Silver KL1 200

Vladyslav Yepifanov – Silver VL3 200

Maryna Mazhula – Bronze KL1 200

Hope Gordon – Bronze VL3 200

Norberto Mourão – Bronze VL2 200

David Philipson – Bronze KL 200

Jonathan Young – Bronze VL3 200


Anna Pulawska – Gold K1, K2 and K4 500

Karolina Naja - Gold K2 and K4 500

Fernando Pimenta – Gold K1 5K, Silver K1 1000 and Bronze K1 500

Emma Jorgensen – Gold K1 200 and Bronze K1 500

Manfredi Rizza – Gold K2 200

Samuel Balaz – Silver K4 500

Denis Mysak – Silver K4 500

Bolette Iversen – Silver K4 500

Pernille Knudsen – Silver K4 500

Sara Milthers – Silver K4 500

Jakub Stepun – Silver K2 200

Bartosz Grabowski – Silver K2 200

Walter Bouzán – Silver K1 5K

Susanna Cicalli – Silver K1 5K

Rói Rodriguez – Silver K4 1000

Carlo Tachini – Bronze C1 1000, 500 and 5K

Artuur Peters – Bronze K1 1000

Jule Hake – Bronze K2 500 and 200

Alida Gazsdó  - Bronze K4 500

Begoña Laskano – Bronze K2 1000

Laia Pelachs – Bronze K2 1000

Next stop Junior & U23 World Championship in Szeged