Posted at 03.09.2023

Ten years later we were back to Duisburg for a Sprint World Championship and it's always a plesure to come back to one of the most iconic venues of canoeing.

There's not the slightest doubt about the biggest names of the competition:

Lisa carrington made her magic in K1 like we are used to (followed by Emma Jorgensen in the 500 metres) but also in K4, leading the New Zealand team to an historic Gold.

Fernando Pimenta's words define best what he did in Duisburg: “In terms of resilience I'm, probably, one of the best athletes in the world”. And that explains the Gold in K1 1000, but also the K1 5K's Silver and the K1 500's Bronze.

Eight Gold medals in Paracanoe, 19 in total, make us very proud of the work we have been doing to develop the best tools for every strand of canoeing. A very special welcoming for Hope Gordon and Dylan Littlehales as they joined the group of World Champions after so many fights.

Here is the list of Medalists paddling with Jantex


Lisa Carrington – Gold K1 500, K4 500 and K1 200

Fernando Pimenta – Gold K1 M 1000, Silver K1 M 5K and Bronze K1 M 500

Emma Jorgensen – Gold K2 W 500 and Silver K1 W 500

Messias Baptista – Gold K2 M 500

Alicia Hoskins – Gold K4 W 500

Olivia Brett – Gold K4 W 500

Tara Vaughan – Gold K4 W 500

Mads Pedersen – Gold K1 M 5K

Karolina Naja – Silver K4 W 500

Anna Pulawska – Silver K4 W 500

Badri Kavelashvili – Silver K1 M 200

Yale Steinpreis – Silver K1 W 200

Tamas Szabo – Silver K2 M 1000

Madeleine Schmidt – Silver K2 W 5K

Jule Hake – Bronze K2 W 500

Nico Paufler – Bronze K1 M 5K

Barbara Pardo – Bronze K2 Mix 500

Julia Lilley Osende – Bronze C4 W 500


Peter Kiss – Gold KL1 M 200

Curtis McGrath – Gold KL2 M 200

Laura Sugar – Gold KL3 W 200

Maryna Mazhula – Gold KL1 W 200

Dylan Littlehales – Gold KL3 M 200

Fernando Rufino de Paulo – Gold VL2 M 200

Vladyslav Yepifanov – Gold VL3 M 200

Hope Gordon – Gold VL3 W 200

Igor Tofalini – Silver VL2 M 200

Nelia Barbosa – Silver KL3 W 200

Mykola Syniuk – Silver KL2 M 200

Katherinne Wollermann – Silver KL1 W 200

Jonathan Young – Silver KL3 M 200

David Gonzalez – Silver VL1 M 200

Federico Mancarella – Bronze KL2 M 200

Brahim Guendouz – Bronze KL3 M 200

Luis Carlos Cardoso da Silva – Bronze KL1 M 200

Mari Santilli – Bronze VL3 W 200

Carlos Glenndel Moreira – Bronze VL1 200

Thank you all for your trust.

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Next stops: Sprint World Cup in Paris and Marathon World Championship in Jels